The service of Investment Management is crippled without a proper transaction advisory service, aiming to find the suitable product for investors, or possible buyers for assets to liquidate. We believe that a good transaction advisory is the cornerstone of a good investment & asset management service.


Mergen Consulting brings forward its unique combination of know – how in capital markets, agency and real estate markets, all combined to provide the best service available to its wide range of clients including public funds, REITs, investment funds, corporates and high net worth individuals; for either disposal or acquisition processes. We believe in efficient and high quality processes, from the teaser to the closing, by constant and reliable planning, presentation and negotiation.


We establish our strategy based on the needs of the client, especially the portfolio structure and investment criteria of the relevant parties. We are constantly active in the market in order to maintain and expand our network and we stay updated about the active market players and the current market conditions. As our market networks and knowledge enable us to establish the optimum transaction structure, our intention is not only to guide our clients to find the ideal investment in terms of price, but also in terms of structure and strategy.


We believe that understanding and commenting of the financial markets are important keys to success in commercial real estate investments, hence our unique know-how in this area differentiates us from our competitors.


As being prudential is the basis that Mergen Consulting builds the bridge between real estate and finance, our independence and ethical understanding are our key to success and what give us the cutting edge in the markets.

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